I want to teach you the art of developing good health and vitality through vegetarianism. I will help you find out what nutrients and food additives you really need and will help you priorize among different options.

Vegetarianism is a great way to achieve better health, but it requires good knowledge about nutrition so that you can avoid the risks of important nutrient deficiencies that otherwise may occur. It is much more difficult to be a vegetarian than eating meat, because meat consists of the same stuff that you are made of and therefore key nutrients are there. But unless you live in a culture with sound vegetarian traditions, you have to choose your food consciously and insightfully in order to benefit from it. Otherwise you may end up in serious deficency disorders. It is my experience from over 30 years of medical practice that this is much too common and has caused irreverible damage in some cases.

One of the things that inspired me to create this site was those popular commercial sites that tell you every week that you "absolutely" need one more thing in order to stay healthy or, in the worst cases, to survive. You can end up with a bill of thousands of dollars a month if you take all those wonder remedies and food supplements. And I can assure you that, most probably, it is not necessary.

Another reason for creating this website was that I have seen people striving for self-actualization, who have become vegetarians for ethical reasons and have endeavored to live the purest possible life, regrettably without sufficient knowledge about nutrition. I have felt a great pity about such wonderful people, when I have found severe nutrient deficiencies, which has sometims affected their physiology since decades and has effectively prevented the refinement and integration of their nervous system that is required for self-actualization.

In short, I want to support your most rapid possible development towards optimal health and the highest levels of spiritual development. I will only recommend food supplements that really are necessary for vegetarians and I will recommend optimal foods that can replace the use of food supplements when possible.

I will remain without any commercial binding so that you can rest assured that I will only recommend what i find are the really necessary things.

Jaan Suurküla, M.D.

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